Bulbs of Fire - 4-pack of Premium Garlic Preserves

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Each Gift Package includes one jar of each premium garlic preserves for a total of 4 jars.

Black Garlic Jam, a uniquely flavourful product in the culinary market.  Producing black garlic takes several weeks of slowly caramelizing whole heads of our premium garlic. The result delivers a rich, luscious, transformed garlic, combining umami flavour with delightful hints of balsamic, raisins and molasses.(106 ml)

Smoked Garlic Jelly is our most garlicky product to date, with chunks of smoked AND fresh garlic. It’s truly amazing on a baked brie, along-side BBQ’d meat or in a stir fry. (106 ml)

Smoked Garlic Mustard, is a sweet, smoky mustard with honey and lemon juice. We use a mix of dark and yellow mustard seeds and of course of our signature Smoked Garlic.This mustard has been one of best sellers since it was introduced it at farmers’ markets 5 years ago.(106 ml)

Smoked Garlic and Red Pepper Jelly is a sure crowd pleaser. It's a classic, rustic pepper jelly with little chunks of sweet red peppers, chilli pepper flakes and a healthy dose of our signatureSmoked Garlic.(106 ml)

These colourful preserves pair beautifully with cheese, meats and fish. 

This 4-pack of premium garlic preserves makes a great host/hostess gift. Foodie friends?  This is the gift for any occasion!