Pet Deodorizer - EB

Pet Deodorizer - EB

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Skip the artificial scents that are often found in store-bought deodorizing sprays, and use this all-natural purifying spray instead. The scent of lavender and orange is calming and refreshing for your pet, and you will love being able to deodorize him with just a few sprays of this solution.

The spray is made with just a few natural ingredients: pure witch hazel distillate, apple cider vinegar, glycerin, and therapeutic grade essential oils.

Glycerin is used in lotions and conditioners to help soothe irritated skin. For your pet, glycerin adds moisture to the dog's fur and acts as a leave-in conditioner. Apple cider vinegar adds shine and even more conditioning to your pet's coat leaving it feeling silky smooth between baths, and witch hazel distillate helps sooth and relieve the discomfort of bites & hot spots.

Note: Consult your vet before adding essential oils to your dog's coat. Do not use on cat.

Features & Details
- Item size - 6 oz./227 g spray tin


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