Eco Bees - Beeswax Food Wraps (Variety of sizes)

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The Eco Bees organic beeswax food wraps are perfect for wrapping left over fruit and vegetables, cheese, bunches of herbs, lettuce, sandwiches, bowls, plates, etc.

Save the environment with these handmade, organic, waste free food wraps. Reusable for at least one year, you can replace all your plastic kitchen wrap and Ziploc bags. Aids in food preservation while avoiding BPA's and petroleum!

These beeswax food wrap base is local & raw unprocessed beeswax, organic coconut oil, and organic jojoba oil. We do not use tree resin or other polymers.

*Please note, wraps come in assorted colours and patterns. 

Available in:

Single 8" wrap
Medium 10" wrap
Large 12" wrap
Small Pack - 3-8" wraps
Medium Pack - 3-10" wraps
Large Pack - 3-12" wraps
Kitchen Pack - 3 wraps (1-8", 1-10" & 1-12")
DIY Food Wrap Kit - (cotton for 6-8 Wraps, wax/oil, reusable cheese grater & step-by-step instructions) 

Features & Details

- 100% Organic & Natural Ingredients
- Reusable - Compostable - Organic - Eco Friendly
- Colours & Patterns vary seasonally