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James is a rascally cat. His favourite pass-time is super snacking: eating bite-sized tasty treats from sunrise 'til sunset. These stickers are in celebration of his inner foodie.

He is also a famous C-list movie star who really taps into the essence of the character he portrays. After a hard days work, he makes stickers based on his favourite roles!

He is also proudly Catnadian. This means that he loves to ride moose and chase beavers while wearing his tuque and eating fish drenched in maple syrup. Hoo-Eh for stickers!

From time to time he likes to go on an adventure to save the world... well to pass the time until his next meal. When the day is won and the meal is had he'll reflect on what a glorious day it was and how he forgot to eat dessert. 

Vinyl stickers
3in x 4in
2 sheets