Marble Match Stick Holders With Striker - TAK Concrete Artistry

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 Smooth Sleek and Stylish. These beautiful marble looking holders are the perfect accent for your room. Match striker on bottom.

Size: 2.5" x 4.5"

Includes approximately 40 11" Matches.

Help Support The TAK Cause!

Since we met; my now husband and I have been making care packets for the homeless we come across. Recently, our family and friends have chipped in to help with resources but it just doesn't feel like its enough. To increase our potential in bringing food, happiness, toiletries, and an inkling of hope to those that unfortunately live on our streets TAK Concrete Artistry is committing 5% of its profits to fund more care packets and expand our reach.

Thank you for your support for my work and the help that you are sharing with others!