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Uniquely handmade dishes to hold jewelry or small trinkets, could be placed on a dresser, desk, shelf at the home, or used as a holder for clips, pins, or stamps in the office.

The pastel rainbow as raised wedges bring fun and function to the dish - they can help separate and organize jewelry pieces, while adding depth to the graphical look. All rims/edges are hand shaped, not molded or cut by cookie cutter, each piece is truly one of a kind.

Currently 2 styles to choose from:
- Organically shaped rim, circle shape dish
- Wavy scalloped rim

Size: dish diameter is about 3 ~ 3.25" (7.5 ~ 8.3 cm)

Dishes are made of polymer clay, which is lighter and not as hard as ceramic, so they are more durable and can withstand drops better. But it is breakable if bent purposely or mistreated.

► Care instructions: Please treat your dish gently, do not press or bend. Dishes can be cleaned with a damp cloth, but can’t be submerged in water. Not appropriate for holding food. Do not leave dish under direct sunlight or near heat source.

Due to the nature of handmade process and clay, there may be slight imperfections like uneven surfaces or mini bumps. This adds to the character and uniqueness of each handmade piece.