Dill Caesar Elixir - Walkers OneShot

Dill Caesar Elixir - Walkers OneShot

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Our ALL NEW Walkers OneShot Dill Premium Caesar Elixir is here!

Locally made Dill infused Elixir is fresh, fragrant, and delightful that adds a down to earth classic pairing to you Caesar! 

With the perfect blend of over 16 herbs and spices, Worcestershire, a hint of tabasco and our Walkers OneShot Dill Brine, this twist on a Caesar Elixir is a staple in any Caesar Lovers bar. Add just one ounce of the Dill infused Elixir to your Clam Juice (or Tomato Juice), spirit of choice, and there you have it! This mild heat Elixir has a subtle, almost anise-like flavour that is pleasantly savory.

Making Caesars has never been so simple! A full flavoured Dill inspired Elixir that has everything you need to enjoy a fast, consistent tasting Caesar every time in a matter of minutes!

Instructions for use:

1. Rim your Glass
2. Add lots of ice
3. Add your spirit of choice (not require)
4. Add Clam or Tomato Juice
5. Shake Walkers OneShot Elixir well
6. Add one ounce of Walkers OneShot Dill Caesar Elixir to the Top of your drink
7. Garnish & Serve