Women's Capsule Bracelets -AA Designs

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    • 8mm Rose Quartz, 6mm Amethyst 
    • Stainless Steel Capsule tube
    • 7.5" wrist size
    • Scroll included


  • Write it + wear it + take action

    Close your eyes, and take a breath.  Write your goal, your dream or an empowering mantra, roll the scroll, and insert in the capsule.

    Let the bracelet do the rest!

    Rose Quartz this light pink stone is well known as the supreme stone of love. It promotes all kinds of love, including platonic, romantic, as well as self-love. Rose Quartz can help to bring more love into any situation in your life. It increases ones capacity for forgiveness, compassion and acceptance.

  • Amethyst is directly related to the mind and its health. It is thought to improve intelligence, cerebral thought as well as memory recall. It is a stone of peace and calming and can be used as a powerful meditation aid.