Dry Scalp Treatment-TSN

Dry Scalp Treatment-TSN

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Two Sisters Dry Scalp Treatment Oil is both soothing and healing and aids to reduce symptoms of eczema and psoriasis.

When you apply our scalp treatment, containing essential nutrients, it helps repair your scalp, rehydrates dry hair, and promotes growth. The treatment helps lock moisture within your scalp, and makes you hair appear bouncy, lustrous, and soft.

Each ingredient is chosen for an important role:

Argan Oil: conditions, nourishes and protects. Our Argan oil is de-odourized (without the use of any chemicals or harsh processes) so that it doesn’t mess with the smell of your formulations

Camellia Oil: conditions your scalp, while promoting hair growth

Avocado Oil: contains collagen-supporting amino acids & proteins, as well as vitamins A, D & E to nourish and condition

Borage Oil: helps skin retain more moisture & stay healthier. 

Tamanu Oil: abundant in antioxidants to help soothe and soften skin.

Evening Primrose Oil:rejuvenates over processed hair

Lavender Oil: soothing and adds a rich floral scent

Sage: awaken the senses, leaving your scalp feeling clean, and fresh

Cypress Oil: promotes hair growth by strengthening hair roots and makes hair stronger. It helps to keep the hair light & fresh without any greasy feel by balancing the natural oil of the hair.

Juniper: is restoring, empowering, and balancing with a floral aroma that promotes relaxation.

Rosemary: helps to strengthen hair follicles when used as a rosemary oil conditioner, as well as moisturize and purify oily skin for a healthy complexion. Regain self-confidence and keep them staring with rosemary oil for the face or topical rosemary oil for hair growth organic.