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Marshmallow Roasting Sticks with Wooden Handle and 32 Inch Extendable BBQ Forks 

  • ✔Environmental Material: The telescoping fork set are made from stainless steel and a wood handle - easy to clean, no rusting, and no more hot handles, the comfortable wooden handle gives you a firm, steady grip.
  • ✔Safe for Kids: Experts recommend 12—32inch telescoping forks in order to keep children a safe distance from any patio fire pit or the campfire. Non-sharp prongs make Kids Safe use the roasting stick.
  • ✔Usage: With two non-sharp prongs so you can easily hold marshmallows, hot dogs, or veggies without the food spinning and without sticking yourself. Rotating fork axle at a flick of your fingers prevent marshmallow, hot dogs, and sausages from uneven cooking.
  • ✔Easy Clean and Convenient Storage: Our telescoping marshmallow sticks come with a free beautiful canvas bag, so you can easily take it with your campfire and camping cooking equipment. Cleaning the roasting sticks is very easy! You just need to put the tips in a glass of water for about 15 minutes.
  • ✔Perfect Gifts for Family & Friends: Best marshmallow roasting Sticks for anyone looking for a high quality, great value product to enjoy at the cookout.  Have a great campfire evening!

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